Entertech Flowtime: Biosensing Meditation Headband - Meditation Tracker - Heart Rate and Brainwave Sensors to Measure Breath, HRV, Pressure, Focus and Calm States

Product Features
  • VISUALIZE YOUR MEDITATION PERFORMANCE. Supported by the biosensing technology, see how your brain and body are working when you are doing meditation. Real-time brainwaves, heart rate, breath coherence, HRV, relaxation, zen,attention and pressure level tell you whether you are getting into meditation states.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY VALIDATED LESSONS of various topics in the app help you gain the basic techniques and accompany you to make progress every day (subscribers have access to all). More lessons are on the way. Veterans may enjoy the unguided mode.
  • A DETAILED BIODATA REPORT displaying your performance of every minute reminding you when you get into the meditation state and during which period you are doing great. Compare your performance with the last seven times to see your improvement. Meditation Ring and Coherence Ring display your goal achievement to help you get motivated the most.
  • SUPER LIGHT, COMFORTABLE & PORTABLE. 29g in weight. Easy to take it with you anywhere, whether you are at home, in the office or commuting.
  • FREE TO DOWNLOAD THE APP on the App Store or Google Play. Bluetooth connection. English only. Instantly responsive customer service team via Flowtime app - Me-Contact Us or email us (email address on the package).
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Manufacturer Information
Heart rate sensor & Brain wave sensors

Master meditation by real-time biosensing technology

Not sure how you are doing meditation? Flowtime does know! The two-channel EEG acquisition technology monitors brainwaves in real time and distinguishes brainwave energy from left to right-hemisphere, while the heart-rate sensor also tracks your heart constantly. It’s amazing to see how your body and brain are changing when meditating.

real timereal time
  1. fge

    make meditation tangible

    Explore your body and mind like never before.

    Maximal biodata: Brainwaves, Heart Rate, Breath Coherence, Attention, Relaxation, etc.

  2. frw

    time to discover

    Meet your brainwaves.

    Discover noticeable changes from the compelling graph, including α, β, θ, γ, and δ waves.

  3. df

    as periodic as sine wave

    Find your Breath Coherence.

    Regular deep breaths make your heart rate curve not random anymore.

    Manage to make it longer!

  4. hr

    more to explore

    Attention, Relaxation, Pressure

    No matter if you are having Attention or Relaxation training, FLOWTIME quantifies your performance.

  5. mt

    easy to build a new habit

    Goals. Rings.

    Share your finished meditation rings with friends and family to encourage each other.

1 Rich Real-time Data 2 Brianwave Rhythms 3 Breath Coherence 4 Emotions 5 Stay Motivated
More than 100 sessions

Scientifically validated professional content

For beginners, meditation lessons are decisive while it’s hard to find professional ones. In order to provide qualified content that is indeed helpful, we investigated and compared content from many companies, and finally cooperate with Mobio Interactive, an outstanding and rigorous Canadian company experienced in mindfulness. The lessons have been scientifically validated to improve stress resilience in a random controlled trial.

  1. unguided

    Enjoy your flow time

    1. Choose the optional relaxing sound.
    2. Set the timer.
    3. Free to go.

  2. co-work

    new insight via biodata

    Record biodata with other apps

    1. Other apps play audio.
    2. Flowtime app - Meditation Timer.
    3. Keep our app running in the foreground.

  3. guided mode

    Easy-to-start for beginners

    1. Scientific & authoritative.
    2. A variety of topics.
    3. Keep updating.

1 Unguided Meditation 2 Co-work with Other Apps 3 Guided Meditation
  1. f
  2. 2
  3. 3
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