Hangsun Upgraded Cupping Set, Electric Cupping Massager for Promoting Cell Renewal, Smart Cupping Therapy Set with Red Light Therapy, 7 Levels of Suction, 3 Temperatures and 2 Modes Gua Sha Massage

Product Features
  • 【Different with a Massage Gun】The HANGSUN cupping massager not only stretches the muscles, but also promotes cell renewal. Whereas a massage gun only taps the muscles.
  • 【7 Suctions & 2 Modes】We have expanded the parameter range of suction to provide a more personalized experience. Our electric cupping machine innovatively offer a short suction mode (Mode 1), which promotes muscle "breathing" more efficiently. The long suction mode (Mode 2) is suitable for person skilled in cupping therapy.
  • 【3 Temperatures & 8 Red Lights Therapy】The heating function can help break down lactic acid in the muscles and restore muscle vitality.Red light function improves blood circulation and helps promote antioxidants, which can reduce the oxidative stress associated with muscle fatigue.
  • 【Smart Timing Reminder】The best time for cupping on the same body part is 10-15 minutes, This smart cupping set has an intelligent 10 minute timing sstop, can remind you to adjust the position in time to position and maintain the best cupping effect. 2200mAH large capacity battery provides 150 minutes of usage time.
  • 【One-Year Warranty】It doesn"t matter if the cupping set is accidentally broken or you don"t like it. We are more than willing to provide you with a solution within 24 hours until your issue is completely resolved.

Manufacturer Information

    HANGSUN was founded in 2006 and specializes in massage products. As a professional and mature brand with 16 years of history, HANGSUN is committed to serving the public with innovative and high quality massage products.Each of our products is created by a 36-member team of professional athletes, engineers, designers, and quality inspectors in 180 days of hard work.


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