My Theater Wearable Neckband Bluetooth Speaker Universal, Black (EM-W100UBK)

Product Description
The EM-Tech My theater offers a fine-tuned combination of specially designed 2 channel 4 way speakers that not only delivers full and rich sound, but also gives you a haptic user experience that engages your body in the excitement of your tune. EM-Tech has created these neckband speakers using their patented technology to provide dynamic vibration with rich bass tones. This wireless headset is Ultra slim, but high powered to provide home theater quality sound. Combining Bluetooth technology with dynamic sound these Bluetooth speakers leave your hands and ears free, allowing users to stay aware of their surroundings and reduce ear fatigue while still enjoying amazing sounds for gaming, pleasure, and hands-free Calling. The long-lasting battery life is perfect for gamers who want even the smallest sounds to be realistic while wearing a gaming headset. The ergonomically designed neckband speakers are ultra-lightweight and comfortable to wear even for long-periods of use making them perfect for out and play. Using a micro USB built in charger This neckband speaker will recharge in less than 2.5 hours allowing you to enjoy them nearly continuously with very little interruption. The included Bluetooth dongle makes the my theater Universally compatible.

Product Features
  • Long lasting battery with 14+ hours continuous playback; 17 hours Talk time; 750 hours standby
  • Ultra-light weight and comfort fit; hands free, ears free sound
  • Set the volume as you please, without disturbing others nearby; wearable all day
  • Rich sound with acoustic vibration (SVT -sound vibration technology)
  • Directive Audio design delivers your own personal theater

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