PillowCoach Smart Memory Foam Pillow with Bluetooth Speakers, Sleep Data Monitoring and Temperature Adjustment via Phone App Control

Product Features
  • Please note: The package does not include a wall outlet via AC adapter. Package includes one memory foam pillow embedded with Graphene heating pad and Bluetooth speakers, and a USB cable attached to it.
  • How to connect to Tuya app. 1. Connect the USB end of your pillow cable to a power source (power adapter, battery pack or laptop) and plug into an A/C power outlet. Watch the pillow switch light up. 2. Go to your phone Bluetooth settings and add/pair "Smart Music Pillow". 3. Once "Smart Music Pillow" is connected, download Tuya app from your phone app store. 4. Open Tuya App and follow the simple instructions to sign up. 5. Once logged into Tuya app, select add device and the default pillow name "Issleep". 6. Your PillowCoach is ready to use.
  • Sleep monitoring via app control. PillowCoach tracks your sleep patterns: light, deep and REM. PillowCoach gives you passworded exclusive access to your 3-day sleep data and empowers you to make decisions that can optimize your sleep. The mobile app will automatically sync your sleep data when PillowCoach is powered on and connected to your phone.
  • Temperature adjustment via manual switch or app control. PillowCoach uses Graphene, a Carbon allotrope with a high thermal conductivity that converts electricity into heat, which can help provide relief from musculoskeletal symptoms. You can adjust the heat up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit, either via the manual switch on the pillow, or remotely via the mobile app.
  • PillowCoach does not store batteries & does not come with a power adapter. PillowCoach is powered either via plugging the USB end into a into your mobile device (phone or tablet) power adapter and then plugging into an A/C power outlet, or by directly plugging the USB end of the pillow cable into a power bank or a laptop.
  • PillowCoach has a built-in bone conduction Bluetooth speaker for playing your favorite ambient sounds, audiobooks, affirmations, prayers, music, podcasts, and bedtime stories without bothering the person sleeping next to you.
  • Breathable and washable. The hypoallergenic memory foam has a cover that can easily be unzipped, slipped off and washed.
  • Ergonomic design optimally supports your spinal alignment.
  • Pillow size: 21.5" x 13" x 4.5". Package size: 14" x 7.25" x 7.25"

Manufacturer Information
  • Pillow, USB cable (No battery pack or wall plug included)
  • PillowCoach... Inspire Your Sleep!

    Couple with giftCouple with gift

    Perfect Gift for the Holidays and Beyond- Washable and Wearable Cover!

    Hello. My name is Sina- Dad, husband, and doctorate student. I started PillowCoach with my wife when we were looking for an alternative to melatonin for our kids. They would not go to sleep early without melatonin. I designed a pillow with a wired speaker connected to their mobile devices so that they can listen to ambient sounds or bedtime stories. It worked! Their sleep quality improved drastically, so I started researching better sleep solutions. That is how I came about PillowCoach. Now we have a company and a brand. Our vision is to continue to build innovative smart sleep technologies and solutions and to continue to help other families achieve better sleep.

    Struggling To Get Some Quality Sleep? You’re Not Alone.

    Woman resting on PillowCoachWoman resting on PillowCoach

    Enhance your sleep and wake up refreshed with the PillowCoach!

    The average adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep. But in the US, millions of people fall short of that goal every night. Around 35% of Americans get less than 7 hours of sleep, according to statistics.

    Sleep is an integral part of wellness. The benefits of quality sleep abound, from helping you think clearly to keeping your immune system strong. Our smart pillow uses a combination of data and the sleep science behind music and heat to help you get the rest you need.

    Sleep Better With Music, Audio books, Ambient Sounds and More!

    Woman sleep soundsWoman sleep sounds

    Connect Directly to Your Phone's Bluetooth or through the Tuya App!

    When people think about sleep, they usually also think about silence. After all, who likes noise when they’re trying to sleep?

    But not all sound is disruptive. Soothing songs, ambient white noise, or the drone of podcasts can be helpful bedtime assistants. Leveraging bone conduction technology, the built-in speakers gently transmit sound through your cheek and jaw bones, containing it and keeping it from disturbing your bedmate.

    PillowCoach Offers 3 Main Features!

    3 Features3 Features

    More Reasons To Upgrade To A Smarter Pillow:

    Safe Bone Conduction Speakers. Calming Heating Effect. Made To Comfort, Engineered To Last. Designed For Convenience & Safety

    How To Power Your PillowCoach

    Pillow  Coach usage imagePillow  Coach usage image

    Like any smart device, setting up your PillowCoach requires some work. We’ll happily help you through every step!

    Connect the pillow's USB cable to a power source, like a laptop or battery pack, or you can plug it directly into a wall outlet using a 5V 2A wall A/C adapter (Not Included). The power controls the controller, graphene heating pad and bone conduction speakers.

    How to connect your PillowCoach With or Without Tuya App

    Tuya appTuya app

    Simple Step-By-Step

    Without Tuya App- Go to your Bluetooth settings to pair the pillow with a compatible device (mobile phone or tablet). Your PillowCoach will appear as "Smart Music Pillow" on your Bluetooth settings. Add your PillowCoach, and your device is successfully paired. You can only control your Pillowcoach volume through your device.

    With Tuya App- Download the Tuya app and sign up. Add the pillow to your list of devices. And you’re all set! Now you can adjust the temperature settings, view your sleep data, and control music from your phone!

    PillowCoach- Sleep monitoring, temperature adjustment and bluetooth speakersPillowCoach- Sleep monitoring, temperature adjustment and bluetooth speakers

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