Rokid Air AR Glasses Augmented Reality Wearable Tech Headsets Smart Glasses for Movie Video Display,Myopia Friendly Portable Massive Screen with 1080P OLED Dual Display,43°FoV, 55PPD

Product Features
  • 【Expansive Visuals】Access your own wearable cinematic experience from anywhere, with a 120" HD 1080p OLED display and a 43° field of view. Enjoy stunning 3D AR video through the Rokid Air app.
  • 【Comfort & Convenience】Rokid Air AR glasses weigh just 83 g and can fold up to slip into your pocket or backpack. Memory metal nose pads, flexible hinges, padded temple tips, 0.00 to –5.00D myopia correction for each eye, and a right-angle cable connector ensure comfort and durability.
  • 【Incredible experiences】Enhance the world around you with dazzling visuals and thrilling games powered by AR.
  • 【Extensive compatibility】Rokid Air works with phones, tablets, computers, and consoles. Connect via USB-C over DisplayPort, wireless adapter, or HDMI. (See compatibility list below for details.)
  • 【Powerful versatility】Bust boredom during travel, work ergonomically and efficiently, and upgrade your home entertainment experience.

Manufacturer Information
Rokid AR Smart GlassesRokid AR Smart Glasses
43FoV 120“screen FDH43FoV 120“screen FDH

How to choose suitable

ar glassar glass

Direct Connection

vr headsetsvr headsets

Wireless Connection

ar glassesar glasses

HDMI Connection

Type C above 3.1

  • Go to to check the USB Type-C adapter mode.

Apple device&Type C below 3.1

  • Support all apple devices.

HDMI for games& laptop

  • Support game consoles with HDMI adapter

  • If it is above 3.1,choose this one.If not,please choose wireless connection

  • Support part of USB Type-C which is below 3.1

  • support laptop & TV & etc. with HDMI adapter

AR Smart Glasses VR headsetAR Smart Glasses VR headset
  1. AR Smart Glasses VR headset
  2. AR Smart Glasses VR headset
  3. AR Smart Glasses VR headset
1 Device with USB-C 2 Device with HDMI 3 Device neither USB-C/HDMI
AR Smart Glasses VR headsetAR Smart Glasses VR headset

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