TIHONI Calf Massager for Circulation Pain Relief Recovery Legs and Calves, Leg Massager with Heat Helpful for Relaxation and Reduce Stress Great Gifts

Product Features
  • 【???????????????????????????????? & ????????????????????????????】 The heated calf massager designed with specific chambers and areas on calves. The build in airbags apply massaging to tired and tense muscles for relaxation, improving circulation, reducing pain and stress. An all-round relaxation and massage for your calves or arms.
  • ❤️????????【???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ????????????????】The leg massager with heat care for legs and no matter people work in office, or the elderly stay at home, or sports and fitness enthusiasts, this calf and leg massager can safely and effectively massage legs and calves for daily relaxation, aches and aid good recovery after intense physical training or exercise.
  • 【???????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????】 The heating function of calves massager provides comfortable warmth for legs. Effective to warm up cold legs and calves, reduce leg tiredness and promote circulation flow. Upgraded massage technology makes your muscles feel like kneading massage by hands.
  • 【???? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????? & ???? ????????????????????????????????????????????】 The leg massager for circulation has sequence and combination mode, each mode has different massage techniques. Minimum intensity helps for daily leg massage and relaxation, medium helps to relieve muscle soreness, stiffness and aches, maximum can aid recovery after exercise.
  • 【???????????????????????? & ???????????????? ???????? ????????????】The calf massager with compression made of a breathable mesh cloth with velcro that easily secures and adjusts the sleeves on different people’s calves. A 15-minute auto shut-off safety feature can avoid overheating and overuse caused by forgetting to turn off the calf massager with heat, especially safe for the elderly.

Manufacturer Information
  1. calf leg massagercalf leg massager

    • TIHONI is committed to applying new science and technology to develop the best beauty and massage products.
    • TIHONI provides a free 30-day return policy. If you meet any problem, please feedback to us from Amazon anytime. We will reply to you within 24 hours, so you'll never have to worry about purchasing.

  2. calf massagercalf massager
  3. calf massager with heat for circulationcalf massager with heat for circulation
  4. calf massager with heatcalf massager with heat

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