VR Golf Games Accessories for A Atandard Round Golf Club and Battery Pack for Oculus Quest 2

Product Description
Love playing Golf on exVRience Golf Club, Mini-Golf on Walkabout, or the Driving Range and Golf on Golf+, but realize you have no place to put your off-hand? This handle extension adapter provides a solution and enhances the game play by allowing you to feel more like you are holding a full club.If you want to play all 18 holes for a standard round, it also may run out of your power in your VR Headset, with this bundle , you no need worry all about that, just focus on your game.

Product Features
  • 【Golf Handle Attachment 】:The handle can quickly slide on and off and is held in place safe by the strong hook,make sure your controllers stay scrure.
  • 【Golf Handle Attachment 】:It allows you to keep full use of the controller while playing and an easy natural resting place for your off-hand.
  • 【Golf Handle Attachment 】:The 27cm rubber grip has room for both hands and is a realistic weight when the controller is attached. Weight is approximately 265g with the controller inserted.
  • 【Quest 2 Extra Battery Pack】:The soft rubberized design keeps stable mounting on Oculus head strap without scratching or shaking or falling. Just slide on the strap and plug the cable into the charging port, it will charge automatically, no switch required. Letting you explore awe-inspiring games and experiences with unparalleled freedom.
  • No more interrupting games due to the low battery. Get an extra 1.5 hours of playtime and enjoy the surreal experience of VR headset with this 3350mah rechargeable battery pack. The weight of 0.23lb is like a car key, meaning no sense of imbalance or burden in any movement. Get rid of bulky power bank and annoying long cables, get extended battery life & a longer lasting gaming experience.

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