VirtualBuff 2 Golf Club Adapters and 2 Gun Stocks Attachment Bundle for Oculus Quest 2 Controllers, Deeper Level of Immersion

Product Description
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Product Features
  • Bundle contains 2 golf club adapters and 2 gun stocks attachment for Oculus Quest 2 controllers
  • Golf club adapters feature stainless steel core and silicone grips to increase weight and realism
  • The 27cm rubber grip has enough room for both hands and provides a realistic weight when the controller is attached
  • Real-life Pistol Weight: The almost weightless Quest 2 controllers might feel too light to hit your shots. VirtualBuff masterfully crafted gun stocks put the weight in the proper place to ensure excellent balance, so that you don’t have to worry about aiming at the target in the heat of the moment
  • Dual Wield: Get one gun stock for each controller, and each one has a solid bit of weight to it that makes it feel like you’re actually holding a weapon. This is particularly useful for casual games like Pavlov and Pistol Whip that requires dual wield pistols and incredibly quick reaction on the trigger

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