Zona Plus-Series 3

Product Features
  • MANAGEMENT OF CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS: The Zona Plus is the first of its kind. And, while the physiology is pretty complicated, here is the explanation. The Zona Plus is a handheld, software-controlled device that uses isometric exercise to guide the user through a single session in just under 12 minutes. The device uses biofeedback, uniquely calibrated to each user, to optimize your performance for maximum results.
  • WHAT IS ISOMETRIC EXERCISE “Isometric” is the Latin word literally meaning “equal measurement.” As this relates to exercise, isometric exercise is the type of muscle contraction in which the muscle is tensed and working, but not actively shortening or lengthening (with no joint movement).
  • HOW TO USE IT: Each Zona Plus session takes just under 12 minutes. And the device will lead you through each step during each session. At the start of each session, the device uniquely calibrates to the user’s maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) (meaning that you squeeze as hard as you can on each hand). After that measurement is taken, the device calculates an algorithm for each of four short, two-minute segments.
  • ACCESS TO ZONA HEART HEALTH COACHES - At Zona Health, we know that building new habits can be hard. That’s why we want to partner with you on your journey. Our Heart Health Coaches are available to guide you through the Zona Plus journey 24/7. Call us, or we’ll call you, and we’ll help coach you through the use of your Zona Plus – and anything else you need, really.
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Zona PlusZona Plus
The Science behind the zona plusThe Science behind the zona plus

Our story actually began in the US military, as strange as that might seem. The research was first conducted while trying to solve a completely different problem for the U.S. Air Force. The Backstory: Upon deployment of its first F-16 fighter jets, the Air Force found that many of its fighter pilots were experiencing incidents of g-force blackout: a condition that causes temporary vision loss. This type of aircraft turns very quickly, putting greater g-force on the pilot, and thus putting him in danger. To find a solution, the Air Force commissioned Dr. Ronald L. Wiley, a respected cardiopulmonary physiologist, to research the problem and, hopefully, find a solution. Multiple experiments were conducted, and countless hypotheses were disproved, but one particular experiment yielded some unexpected data. As part of one of his experiments, Dr. Wiley had pilots grab a steel rod as hard as they could while experiencing g-force under flight conditions.

While poring over the subsequent data, Dr. Wiley became intrigued by the health histories of two particular pilots, each who were considered pre-hypertensive prior to his battery of experiments, yet were back to normal levels at the completion of the experiments. Believing there must have been a link somewhere in his research, he made it his life’s goal to find the link. After years of research, Dr. Wiley drew a correlation between the steel rod and the reduction he had measured. The grip, he determined, simulated an isometric exercise. Over time, and after much trial and error, Dr. Wiley developed the computer-controlled handgrip exercise device that we now affectionately call the Zona Plus! The Zona Plus uses biofeedback to design personalized exercise sessions, customized for each user, by calibrating to what we call maximum voluntary contraction. Each session is unique. Each session is effective. And each session is conducted with the user in mind.

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